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Help Vegan Outreach Help Animals (& People)

I recently saw a post over on Vegan Outreach’s blog showing that donations closely correlated with the number of people it could help educate on animal cruelty (in factory farming) and cruelty-free eating. The graph is below. Want to help to educate people about cruelty-free eating? Donate to Vegan Outreach today — if you donate […]

December 27th

Gelatin Made from Humans — Vegan?

Wow, this is an interesting one. Some scientists are working on creating gelatin derived from human flesh and bones. Seriously — an article has been published in the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry. My mind is a little blank trying to think of what to say about this. On the one hand, I have plenty of thoughts, but on the other hand, I’m in a little bit of shock.

July 19th

Factory Farm Investigations on New Interactive Map

It must be the week for maps. I just recently announced that Food & Water Watch won an Interactive Media Award (IMA) for its interactive factory farming map. Now, news is there’s another great interactive factory farming map just out from Animal Visuals, an excellent site with “visual resources for animals” (I’ve shared some of their stuff when writing about livestock production in the U.S. before).

May 30th

Factory Farming Map Wins Interactive Media Award (Acceptance Speech Cut Off)

I wrote about a pretty awesome (though, disturbing) interactive factory farming map created by Food & Water Watch and New Signature back in December. The map “illustrates the geographic shift in where and how food is raised in the U.S. and allows anyone to quickly search for the highest concentration of animals by region, state and county.” A non-interactive version of it is above.

May 24th

Are your veggies truly vegan?

My vegan friends depend upon farmers markets and CSAs for most of their food supply. When you’re trying to make ethical food choices, it makes sense to get your produce directly from local farmers. But recently I’ve noticed that many small, organic farms use fertilizers based on animal products. Fish emulsion and fish meal from […]

June 28th

Anyone Want Some Horse Meat?

The US essentially pulled the plug on the killing of horses for human consumption a few years ago. Movement in a few states may be bringing it back, though, if Willie Nelson and others can’t persuade Congress to ban it completely. The title above probably makes most of you (vegetarian or not) grimace or say: […]

April 30th