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5 Ways We’re Reducing Food Waste by Using it Again

Between the farm and the table, we waste almost half of the food that we produce. Reducing food waste is no easy feat, and we’re going to need an array of solutions to address all of this organic matter headed to our landfills. Of course, we need to just plain waste less food, but food waste isn’t going away any time soon. We need solutions for using all of the wasted food that we’re producing. Fortunately, there are companies out there right now who are reducing food waste by turning it into usable products from alternative fuel to packaging.

December 23rd

8 Wineries with Electric Car Charging Stations

Last week, when I wrote about the recently renovated, fun and sustainable Francis Ford Coppola Winery, I learned about a new trend. The Coppola Winery boasts two electric car charging stations. And as they pointed out, they are not the only wineries promoting green driving : several other California Wineries have also begun to cater to the electric car crowd, installing their own charging stations. Here is a run down…

May 4th

Does a Wind-Powered Butcher Cancel Out Meat’s Carbon Footprint?

A Michigan butcher says that having his own wind-power plant could have a positive long-term economic benefit and help to ensure the future sustainability of his family business.[social_buttons] Earl Bosch, owner of Earl’s Meats in Holland, Michigan, says he wouldn’t consider himself an environmentalist, but he also says he is looking to alternative energy to […]

December 8th