Holiday Recipes

Holiday Recipes for Your Plant-Based Table

This is a year-round resource to help you plan your holiday recipes and answer questions about why you celebrate with the food that you do.

Whether you’re looking to have an entirely plant-based holiday menu or just want to include options to accommodate your vegan guests, we’ve got you covered with holiday recipes for any time of year!

Winter Holiday Recipes

Whether you celebrate Hanukkah, Christmas, Kwanzaa, or any other holiday around this time of year, we’ve got you covered with delicious vegan menu options!

New Year’s Eve Recipes

Even ringing in the new year centers a bit around food and drink. Here are some articles to help you have a cruelty-free celebration, including in the booze department.

Valentine’s Day Recipes

St. Patrick’s Day Recipes

Easter Recipes & Passover Recipes

Halloween Recipes

Halloween is all about the candy, and if you’re trying to keep things healthy and plant-based, that can feel a little bit daunting. Here are some tricks for treats to make Halloween deliciously sustainable.

Thanksgiving Recipes

The Thanksgiving table often centers around the turkey. Here, we have alternative holiday recipes and articles with information that you might find helpful in answering questions about your plant-based Thanksgiving.

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    […] Keep with a healthy diet – As hard as it may be, sticking with your usual healthful eating habits is the best way to ward off overeating and midday nibbles. Plus, if you are full of healthy stuff, a smaller treat will satisfy. Β Want to go healthy for the holiday meal this year? Β Eat Drink Better has come up with a vegan holiday recipe guide. […]

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