Commenting Policy

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Hello there, lovely readers! We’re big fans of frank, productive discussion around here, and all of the writers and I enjoy reading your thoughtful comments. Since we get a lot of comments on this site, it felt like we needed a brief commenting policy, to help you know what’s allowed, what isn’t, and why comments sometimes take a little while to show up.

Sometimes, comments get caught in moderation. That means that if it’s your first time commenting, your comment will not show up right away. When you get a message that a moderator is approving your comment, that’s me (hi!). It might take me a bit to catch up, but I do try to stay on top of things. If you feel like your comment has been stuck for more than 24 hours, shoot me a note through the contact page.

It’s important to us that we keep things civil. For the most part, you guys keep things pretty polite around here, and we appreciate it. Folks are much more open to debate and conversation when the discourse is free from name calling and anger. Food is an emotional topic, but I think that in the end we all want a lot of the same things. Name-calling, over-the-top profanity, and personal attacks are not OK, and we may delete comments that take away from the civil discussion that we’re trying to foster. Disagreeing is fine, but please do it without resorting to personal attacks.

Please also avoid shameless self promotion. If you’re linking to an article or page that’s relevant to the discussion, that’s fine, but comments that are clearly just pimping your own site may be deleted. If you feel like your comment was deleted as spam when you were not trying to spam, feel free to drop us a line!

I think that’s it! Never hesitate to contact us if you have questions about the site or feel like your comment got eaten. We love hearing from you guys and want to do whatever we can to encourage thoughtful discourse.

Image Credit: Creative Commons photo by ginnerobot