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Hello, Wine [Book Review & Meatloaf Recipe]

What’s the difference between a pinot noir and a pinotage? Which is the best wine to pair with fettuccine primavera? Do big red wines pair better with cheese? And what do you really need to know about ordering a bottle in a restaurant? Hello, Wine: The Most Essential Things You Need to Know About Wine by […]

November 7th

Cowgirl Creamery Cooks: Classic Mac and Cheese [Recipe]

Want to know how to plan a cheese course? What’s the best wine to serve with cheese? How to make the perfect mac and cheese? The stunningly beautiful Cowgirl Creamery Cooks cookbook has all the answers — and more! Just north of San Francisco, in the rolling hills of Marin County, the Cowgirls — as they’re known […]

November 6th

Uprisings: A Hands-On Guide to the Community Grain Revolution – Book Review

Growing grains locally, whether on a backyard scale or on nearby farms, improves the economic situation of the local community and provides stability in the local food supply. Uprisings: A Hands-On Guide to the Community Grain Revolution shows how groups have come together to grow, harvest, mill, and sell local grains and lists positive steps to start your own local grain movement.

November 4th

Tomatoes: Tomatoland Reveals the Sordid Truth

Who knew the story of tomatoes was so sordid: modern-day slavery, environmentally destructive chemical agriculture, and fossil fuel guzzling cross-country shipping– all for America’s least favorite fruit? Though the book was published in 2011, Tomatoland: How Modern Industrial Agriculture Destroyed our Most Alluring Fruit is still quite relevant today and makes for a fascinating read for anyone with an interest in agriculture, politics and their own connection to food.

July 17th

Olive Oil’s Sublime and Scandalous Story

Sublime, of course. But Scandalous… Really?

Indeed, the world of olive oil is more than old Italian men and women pruning their ancient groves and mashing olive fruits by stone. It involves tanker trucks contaminated with chemicals, petrochemical adulteration of oils, Mafioso-owned lands, and so much more. Who knew the iconic, humble olive could be so complicated?

July 16th

The Sugar Detox – Book Review

Americans eat an average of seventy pounds of sugar each year. Most of that is not table sugar that we add to our breakfast or coffee; most of it is the hidden sugars, such as high fructose corn syrup and refined grain products. Sugar can wreak habit with our health and our looks. Authors Brooke Alpert and Patricia Farris have designed The Sugar Detox to help us get control of our sugar consumption.

July 13th

Because You Might Have To: The Eat-a-Bug Cookbook

Imagining how you’d survive the zombie apocalypse is a lot more fun that trying to figure out how you’d get adequate protein and calories in a shipwreck, off-roading accident, or other survival situation. In both cases, though, it’s- I don’t know how to lead into this smoothly, so I’ll just say it: you’re going to eat a bug.

July 8th