Eating Vegan

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5 Food New Year’s Resolutions

New Year’s resolutions related to food are probably some of the most common. I guess it makes sense, given that food is such a central part of our lives and is also such a central part of many of our problems. Of course, as Heather pointed out earlier today, a lot of people don’t take […]

December 31st

Eating Vegan: Top Ten Kitchen Staples

One of the misconceptions about vegan eats is that you’re either living on salads or making some kind of elaborate, fake-meat based meal. That can’t be farther from the truth! Sure, I dig a good salad from time to time, but most of the meals we eat around here are much heartier and take less […]

July 7th

Eating Vegan: Hidden Animal Ingredients

We touched on hidden animal ingredients briefly when talking about the gelatin problem, but there are a number of other animal products in food that you might not suspect just based on the name. Here’s a roundup of some common hidden animal ingredients. Feel free to add any you know of in the comments!

June 30th

Eating Vegan: The Gelatin Problem

Reader Lisa had a great question about eating vegan: I have a vegetarian friend and she told me she doesn’t eat jello or gummy bears because some gelatin is made from bone marrow. Is there a vegan friendly alternative? Sounds a little bit gross, but it’s true. According to Fit Sugar, gelatin is “made by […]

May 26th

Eating Vegan: Answering the Egg Question

Last week, a commenter on my post about giving up cheese mentioned that eggs are a real stumbling block for her. She didn’t specify whether it was eggs in baking or the whole egg that she missed, but either way it’s a topic that bears addressing! While I can’t promise that there’s a reasonable vegan […]

January 28th

Eating Vegan: The Cheese Problem

Probably 80% of the time when I tell someone that I’m vegan the first words out of that person’s mouth are, “I could not live without cheese!” The other 20% of reactions are usually about steak or bacon, sometimes in a mean-spirited way and sometimes not. Today, though, I wanted to talk a little about […]

January 14th

Homemade Sorbet from Your Blender

The summer heat leaves me dreaming of frozen delights. Traditional ice cream is high in fat and not good for our bodies at all, non-dairy ice creams are often pricey. The kids enjoy all kinds of frozen treats in ice pop form… Hubs and I prefer scoops in a bowl.

July 31st