Food Industry

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Farms To Get Free Pass on Emissions

Industrial farming costs us dearly in greenhouse gas emission levels. By some measures, the ecological impact of the farming industry outweighs even its economic impact. According to the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization, livestock off-gassing (methane, ammonia and others from sheep dung, cow farts, etc) makes up 18% of our total greenhouse gas emissions […]

March 6th

Caffeine for Kids…Say What?

Um. Look I don’t want to be an alarmist or anything. But. Um. See, I’ve got kids? And, see…they’re kind of…energetic enough? I mean really, truly. Spend five seconds in my house and you will see: they are doing just fine bouncing off the walls of their own accord. So, I’ll thank the world for […]

March 5th

Agriculture Policy and the Safety of Your Food

Excuse me while I step up on the soapbox. Ahem. I’ve been chided before about being too political on my food blog. More recipes, Woman! But the thing is, food is all tied up with politics, and there are a few things we eaters need to understand about this. For our own safety. So we […]

March 4th

Picking Fruit

Sometimes you just can’t find an organic peach. Of course, most grocery stores and markets continue to expand their local and organic produce sections, but we have all faced a produce aisle, dinner party recipes in hand, without a nontoxic eggplant in sight. Should we just go conventional or try to find an organic replacement? […]

March 3rd

Is Local the Goal?

I’ll say it: I like local food. I tend to choose it whenever I can find it, and whenever I can afford it. I’ll say something else, as well: I don’t just eat local foods. I’m extremely fortunate, as my corner of the world (Southern Vermont) offers an agricultural bounty unknown to many parts of […]

March 3rd

Urban Agriculturalist: ecoCity Farming

Urban Agriculturalist is a series on the ways city and suburb dwellers use their land as a food resource. Struck by the high carbon cost of sending food to dense urban areas and communities in extreme climates, Andrew Bodlovich and Hogan Gleeson devised a highly efficient, waste-free aquaponic growing system in which vegetable crops and […]

March 1st

Urban Agriculturalist: Fruit Tree Harvesting

Urban Agriculturalist is a series on the ways city and suburb dwellers use their land as a food resource. Los Angeles has a dearth of publicly owned fruit trees, but who owns the fruit they produce? The three activists behind Fallen Fruit dare to ask, “Is this my banana?” By their estimate, 22 different crops […]

February 29th

Now, That’s What I Call Seed Saving

The Svalbard Global Seed Vault opened today with the beginning shipments of 100 million seeds that originated in over 100 countries. The seeds represent everything from food staples such as maize, rice, wheat, cowpea, and sorghum to European and South American varieties of eggplant, lettuce, barley, and potato. The vault, located on a remote island […]

February 27th

Magazine Review: Good’s Food Issue

Good Magazine, profiled before on Green Options, is one of my favorite magazines because it highlights good things happening in the world AND because they give 100% of subscriptions to the nonprofit of the subscribers choice that is affiliated with Good. It always has a variety of interesting articles, features a clean, modern design, and […]

February 26th

Why Eating Locally Really IS a Silver Bullet.

I admit that I am not the most rational person in the world. When faced with big choices, weighing the pros and cons is not how I behave. My decisions – whether to have a baby, where to live, who to marry – are not based solely on logic. They are also based on my […]

February 22nd