Healthy Drinks

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Make Apple Cider Vinegar at Home

I’ve been wanting to play more with fermenting my own food, and home made apple cider vinegar (ACV) seems like a great place to start! Apple cider vinegar is sort of a wonder food. From cooking to cleaning to medicinal uses, ACV is just plain good stuff. You can get ACV at the store, but […]

April 7th

Update: Petition to get Congress off the Bottle Delivered

Since the news that Congress is spending nearly a million dollars a year on bottled water, a petition was started to stop this and it was delivered on Tuesday with 65,000 signatures – 50,000 of which were obtained by it’s not too late to tell Congress you want to eliminate bottled water purchases from the budget. The more people that sign – the more impact it has.

February 11th

10 Water Facts (+ a few)

This post is part of our participation in Blog Action Day 2010. If you hadn’t heard, water is sort of important for our health… some even say we need it to live. Yeah, I guess this isn’t news to you. Hopefully, though, some of these cool water facts are. And hopefully they’ll help you to […]

October 15th

Kombucha Withdrawn From Stores

I’ve always been a fan of kombucha, the fermented tea touted for its health benefits. But the buzz I would get from store-bought kombucha always made me feel like a light-weight. The labels claimed that the tea had less than a 0.5% alcohol content, but drinking a bottle of kombucha would make me feel like […]

July 19th