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Starbucks: Wasting Up to 6 Million Gallons of Water Every Day

The Sydney Morning Herald, The Dallas Morning News and The Sun published articles today that estimated that the Starbucks wastes up to 6 million gallons of water every day. The Sun said, As part of a company policy aimed at preventing germ buildup in its taps, Starbucks stores are directed to keep water running constantly […]

October 8th

Make Iced Coffee At Home, Feel Heart Beat Out of Chest

I’m a coffee addict.  When it gets too hot in the summer, I’ll stop drinking hot and make myself some iced.  There’s several schools of thought on making iced coffee at home: some make regular hot coffee, then chill it, some pour hot over ice, some cold-brew.  In my younger, naive days, I would make […]

September 2nd

Nude Kona Coffee Farmers Make Their Point, Naturally

While they don’t normally farm naked, eleven of Kona’s farmers dared and bared it all to raise awareness about false advertising on coffee labels. The tasteful and fun photos of these mature women grace the pages of a 2009 calendar, reminiscent of the Alternate WI Calendar, the inspiration for the movie Calendar Girls. While the […]

June 20th