Author: Jeannie Moulton

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Weeds Crossbreeding with GMO crops

Not only are different genetically modified plants creeping their way out into the wild and growing along side native plants; they’re now crossbreeding with each other and making “super-superweeds” that are resistant to multiple herbicides, as was discovered in recent research.

August 10th

Tips for Choosing Seafood Wisely

Choosing seafood wisely can reduce environmental impact and keep you in good health. Here are some tips from the Smart Seafood Guide 2011: Avoid the dirty dozen – the twelve most contaminated fish species. Some of the dirty dozen include cod, farmed salmon, farmed shrimp and tuna. Here is the complete list. Even if they […]

July 13th

Is Red Wine a Substitute for Exercise?

If exercise isn’t your thing, maybe red wine should be (well, not quite…). A new study suggests that the resveratrol in red wine may help prevent the negative effects that lack of exercise has. The experiment simulated weightlessness in rats similar to conditions during spaceflight. The effects of spaceflight and a sedentary lifestyle are quite […]

July 6th