ZipList: Introducing the Save a Recipe Function and Shopping Lists!

ZipList: Introducing Our New Online Recipe Box!

You guys! I am excited to announce that Eat Drink Better is partnering with ZipList to add Save a Recipe and Shopping List options to our site!

ZipList is a service that lets you save recipes and create shopping lists right from a website, and we are so excited to be teaming up with them! Never forget another delicious Eat Drink Better recipe. Just save it to your Recipe Box! What’s even cooler is that ZipList partners with lots of other food sites like Simply Recipes and Epicurious, so you can save all of your recipes from all over the web in one spot.

All that you need is a ZipList (originally at ziplist .com) account, and you can save recipes from any participating site in one central place.You don’t have to sign up for an account now, and you don’t need one to browse any of our recipes. ZipList is just a tool that allows you to save recipes that you want to make later, if you choose.

You can also generate shopping lists to help simplify your trips to the grocery store. How many times have you loaded up your cart, only to realize when you get home that you bought a lot of food, but you don’t actually have meals in mind for any of it?

ZipList: How it Works

See a recipe that you want to save for later? Easy peasy! Just click on the blue Save Recipe button, and ZipList will transport you to your recipe box. If you’re new to ZipList, you just start an account at that time to start saving your favorite recipes!

Save a Recipe

On top of saving your recipes, ZipList makes planning your shopping easy! You can click on any recipe in your recipe box, and tell ZipList to add the ingredients to your shopping list. It magically determines your recipe’s ingredients and adds them to a shopping list that you can copy down or pull up on your smartphone at the grocery store. Bam!

We love that ZipList makes it easy to plan healthy meals, and we couldn’t be happier to partner with them to offer this cool grocery shopping and recipe archive tool to you guys!

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