Zero Packaging Grocery Store is Germany’s First

Zero Packaging Grocery Store is Germany's FirstGermany is getting its very first zero packaging grocery store: Original Unverpackt in Berlin. Take a peek!

Sara Wolf and Milena Glimbovski were tired of over-packaged, wasteful food and beauty products at the regular grocery store, and they decided to do something about it.

Original Unverpackt is opening this summer after reaching its crowdfunding goal of €45,000 in just a couple of days and has now far exceeded its original goal. With that extra money, they store owners will be able to expand the chain more quickly once the Berlin store is up and running.

Zero Packaging Grocery Store is Germany's First

They’ll have bulk bins with everything from grains and dried beans to booze and cosmetics. Like other zero packaging grocery stores, customers will bring their own containers. If you show up without containers, they have recycled paper bags and reusable containers that you can borrow.

Wolf and Glimbovski don’t see Orignal Unverpackt as a specialty store. They want it to be a real grocery store to compete with big EU chains like Aldi.

This isn’t the first zero waste grocery store in the world or in the EU but it’s the first one in Germany. Wolf and Glimbovski want to change that, though. They plan to expand from their flagship store into a full-fledged franchise chain and spread the zero waste love!

Is there a zero packaging grocery store in your town? Tell us about it in the comments!

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