You vote every single day.

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We talk a lot about the problems with our food system, whether it’s big ag patenting seeds and monkeying with our food security or pesticides contaminating our food and water. It can get a little bit gloom and doom, to be honest. That’s why I was super inspired by this comic on what’s fast becoming one of my favorite humor sites:

You vote every single day.Like with a lot of web comics, the “alternative text” is the real treasure here. Alternative text, or “alt text” is that little yellow box of text that sometimes appears when you hover your mouse pointer over an image. For this comic, the alt text read:

You vote every single day.

Sure, this isn’t a food-related comic specifically, but I think it’s a really excellent reminder that we have power as consumers. Any time you buy food, whether it’s at the store, a farmer’s market, or a restaurant, you’re sending a message about what you will or won’t put into your body. And that message gets heard loud and clear. Let’s take a minute to look at some of the trends popping up because the profood movement has learned that we can speak with our wallets for local, organic, and sustainable food options:

Let’s keep the inspiration going! What other examples have you guys seen showing the power of voting with our wallets when it comes to food?


Image Credits: Creative Commons photo by Anthony Albright; Comic via This is Indexed, used with permission

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