You are What You Eat…Especially for Children

Children who eat junk food may have a lower IQ later in life, suggests a new study.

Diet and Children’s IQ

The study was carried out over six years observing 4000 children.  It was found that three year olds who ate high fat and high sugar diets were had lower IQ scores five years later compared to children who ate healthier diets.  Also, eight year olds who ate a diet high in vegetables were shown to have higher IQs than eight year olds who ate less healthy diets.

There are other factors that are known to lower IQs of children, and these factors were accounted for in the study to try to single out the effect of diet on IQ.

Diet and ADHD

IQ isn’t the only factor affected by diet.  Another study suggests a link between diet and ADHD.  This study suggests that ADHD symptoms can be alleviated by feeding children a rather restricted diet consisting of rice, white meat, water and fruit and vegetables that are not linked to allergic reactions.  Seems pretty extreme to me; however, it may provide clues as to how to treat symptoms without prescribing medication.

School lunches

Studying the effect of diet on anything is a particularly difficult task because what people eat can’t be controlled, but this string of new research should do nothing more that urge parents to feed their kids healthier diets…and this starts in our schools.

Hopefully such research linking diet and intelligence will urge our government and our schools to overhaul the notoriously fat-, sugar- and salt-laden school lunches.

Source: New Scientist

Photo credit: Flickr Creative Commons by dylaphant07

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