Yea or Nay? Mott’s New Apple Juice Commercial

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Have you guys seen this new ad for Mott’s apple juice? It features a fresh-faced mom talking about how her kids won’t eat fruit, but it’s alright because she gives them Mott’s apple juice to drink. She tell us that, “Every glass of Mott’s apple juice has two servings of fruit inside.

Is it just me, or does this ad rub you the wrong way? Apple juice seems like it’s basically sugar water with a little bit of potassium. Here’s a screenshot of the nutritional info for their juice, from the Mott’s website:

apple juice nutrition facts

It’s got no vitamin content to speak of, no fiber, and is loaded with carbs. That hardly seems like a substitute for eating an apple. It almost feels like it would be better for kids to drink water than juice like this. With childhood obesity on the rise, feeding our kids a steady diet of sweet drinks only helps them develop a sweet tooth, which probably does them more harm than good in the long run.
What do you guys think? Am I being overly sensitive, or is Mott’s trying to sell parents a nutritional bag of goods here?

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11 thoughts on “Yea or Nay? Mott’s New Apple Juice Commercial”

  1. So funny that you should post about this! I just saw the commercial tonight and remarked to my husband, “Ha. Like that is actually good for you.” You’re not being too sensitive.

    And have you seen the other commercial where they claim to have “magically hidden” carrot in the juice? Doesn’t look like any carrot juice I’ve ever seen. =P

  2. “It almost feels like it would be better for kids to drink water than juice”

    You’re close to the truth. The truth is that it is better for kids and all human beings to drink water over juice.

    Juice is junk food. It makes no difference whether 100% “fruit juice” or sugar and water mixed together. It is junk food and it’s appalling that corporations are allowed to pedal the crap to children under the false pretense of healthy food.

  3. HeatherCarrEDB

    Is there really a large population of children who won’t eat fruits? Or carrots? These are as popular with the kids I know as mac n’ cheese or chicken nuggets. The things major corporations will tell us…

    It’s interesting how they managed to remove nearly all the nutrition from the apples to make the juice.

    1. I do know some kids who are very picky eaters, but I still don’t think apple juice is the answer. It’s my secret fear that when we have kids, they’ll hate vegetables.

      Isn’t it? Not a single vitamin left! Apples have more nutrients than just potassium, don’t they?

  4. This is another example how our food industry needs a reform b/c these big food companies are targeting/exploiting our children/parents.

    I would consider this “false advertising”. They are deceiving their customer’s into believing that this product is a substitute for nutritious food. NOT THE CASE.

    Your right, this is nothing but sugar water. Parents in this busy world “believe” they are doing good by products like these, but they are doing nothing but promoting an unhealthy lifestyle from a very young age.

    Just like McDonald’s uses its marketing towards kids and do extensive studies on how children react to different colors, symbols, sounds…etc. Then they create a Micky Dee’s commercial based their results.

    You have a 2 year old screaming for a happy meal (after you pick them up from work). Your tired and dont have the time to cook (if you know how) and you dont want to hear this screaming. So many parents only option (as it seems) is to pull through the drive-thru….sad (but its our society today).

    Its sad that we let these companies go on like they do, slowly poisoning us and our society. Not only our health, but our minds.

    Some parents DONT even know how to cook a simple, healthy meal for themselves, let alone their families. But this is common in the younger generation these days, ESPECIALLY in younger women.

    Im part of the younger generation, so I can speak from experience. Maybe because our generation are the “lab rats” for GMO crops and it’s effects over 20 years have caused some type of dependence/chemical something…who knows.

    Children hate vegetables because they often taste like cardboard – store bought food. High quality food, grown with care (not profit), should be another story with children eating healthy. They tend to like vegetables then.

    So, in conclusion, all this (advertising, marketing, research…etc) is done to create a dependency, not self-sufficiency. And when you create a dependency, you obey by their rules. And their rules involve making massive profit, at the lowest cost, which equals to fake, heavily processed and UNHEALTHY FOOD.

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