Worst Foods for Your Skin

worst foods for skin: cupcake

Do you struggle with breakouts? Diet can play a powerful role in skin health. Check out this infographic outlining the worst foods for your skin.

If you’re a clean eating enthusiast, you probably won’t be super surprised by most of this list. The same foods that are terrible for our insides can impact our skin’s appearance. The main culprits are the usual suspects: sugar, caffeine, alcohol, and dairy products. The graphic below gets into a little more detail about each of these.

This isn’t a totally vegan infographic, and some of their suggestions to improve skin health rely on animal products, but there are a lot of vegan alternatives to the things they suggest, if you want to keep your diet and skincare regimen animal-free. Rather than the fish and eggs, get those omega 3s from healthy chia seeds, for example! The graphic also includes some other plant-based options alongside their animal-based recommendations

They also suggest some food-based beauty recipes, and there are plenty of vegan options there. Tomatoes, for example, are great for your skin. You can check out this slideshow of tomato-based beauty recipes that I wrote for our sister site, Feelgood Style!

Ready to take a gander at some of the worst foods for your skin? On to the infographic!

worst foods for your skin infographic

Have you found that particular foods make you break out or make your skin glow? Let’s share more of the best and worst foods for your skin in the comments!

Image Credits: Cupcake photo via Shutterstock; infographic via Moisturizing Cream

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  1. The things that affect my skin the most are amount of sleep and amount of water. If I am sleep-deprived I can tell immediately that I have lost the healthy glow and get dark circles under my eyes! And when dehydrated I always end up with some breakouts, especially if I have a few days of low water intake. So get your zzzz’s and get your water! And of course the more fruits and veggies you eat the better your whole body will be, including your skin!

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