Wireless Power in Your Food

self-cooking soup

Some day, you may be able to heat a single-sized serving cup of soup up at your desk, without a microwave, stove or even aย  match.ย  It would be done with just the pull of a tab!

While this is a little bit far removed from ‘real food’ for my tastes, I have to say, the technology is kind of cool.

The idea was thought up by Fulton Innovation – a company that specializes in wireless power, branded ecoupled.ย  You may recognize wireless power as a newer technology where you can put your mobile phone or mp3 player on a pad and it charges the batteries without a cord.ย  Using this same idea, the company is moving to incorporation it into food.

On their website, there is an interactive activity where you can see where wireless power may be popping up in your food (and elsewhere).

The technology wouldn’t just be limited to soup at your desk.ย  Someday, when you get a cup of coffee at Starbucks, it may have ecoupled technology in it so your drink never gets cold.

How do you feel about this?ย  While I think the technology is cool, it seems like it may just be more stuff going to landfill as a sacrifice for convenience.

Source: Gizmodo

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