Winemaker’s Top 8: Laura Mohseni of Riverbench

This is the first in a series where we talk with wine producers about what they can’t live without.

winemakerLaura Mohseni
General Manager of the Winery Division at Riverbench Vineyard and Winery

A transplant from the Carolinas, Laura has been in the Santa Barbara County wine business since 2004. Through many years of exploring foods from all parts of the world, Laura has developed an expertise in pairing food and wine.

1. Cheese

“Whoever was the first person to see a moldy hunk of coagulated milk was a genius. My favorite is epoisses. It’s a stinky cow’s milk cheese from France.”

2. Chocolate

“Enough said.”

3. My govino glasses

“Perfect for picnics!”

4. Scrabble

“Got to keep the wheels turning.”

5. Roy

“My English bulldog goes where I go, and has quite a following as a winery dog.”

6. Champagne

“There’s something about bubbly that makes drinking a little more fun.”

7. My haven

“My home is the place I absolutely love to be.”

8. Eric

“The love of my life.”


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