Wine Flavored Popcorn (Its GMO-Free, Vegan & Gluten-Free Too!)

Wine popcorn
New Zealand winemaker Kim Crawford has joined forces with Populence, an artisanal popcorn maker in New York City, to create a Sauvignon Blanc wine flavored kettle popcorn

Wine + Popcorn

In addition to being vegan and GMO- and gluten-free, Populence’s Wine flavored popcorn appears to be a first for the industry. The candied popcorn’s flavor is described as “bright and zesty” and Populence says “it pairs beautifully with the wine, just as it is meant to be enjoyed.” Populence is a bricks and mortar “popcorn bar” known for its “inventive flavors” that are handmade on-site fresh every day.

Populence also seems to be a company with a heart. The popcorn is made with organic GMO-free popcorn kernels, as are all of Populance’s flavors (no small feat, I might add). All Populence’s flavors are also vegan and all but one (Jalapeno Cheddar) is vegan. This seems to be part of a clear sourcing mission (from their website):

Populence strives to use only the best whole-ingredients and non-genetically modified, or heirloom ingredients are in their original state. Sourcing locally is good for the environment and it also supports local farmers.

In-lieu of expensive advertising campaigns, Populence supports local charities that help feed the hungry. A message from Maggie, the owner, is also posted on the website:

I love combining organic heirloom and whole ingredients to create gourmet popcorn flavors. To me, the perfect snack satisfies both a sweet and salty crunch but remains low in calories, low in fat, and is gluten-free made with all-natural ingredients. I began making my own gourmet popcorn flavors to satisfy my cravings in a healthy way.

Sadly, the wine flavored kettle corn isn’t cheap. A 1 Gallon Tin is $35.00, a 2 Gallon Tin is $48.00 and if you want to try it a sampler bag of 3 cups it will set you back $8.00.


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