Willie Nelson – Farm Aid for the Cows

willieannie.jpg Willie Nelson and wife Annie are joining the campaign to help dairy cows, who are all too often living in extremely in-humane conditions. They are working with the Animal Legal Defense Fund (ALDF) to help bring awareness to the plight of these animals and work to end the harmful practices used by industrial dairy farms, such as the Mendes Ranch in California. You can join in by going to the Free Baby Mendes website – read more about the issue, sign the petition, share it with friends.

The Nelson’s on sustainable biodiesel:
I had the privilege of interviewing both Willie & Annie last Fall while they were in NY for Farm Aid. They hosted a rockin’ event at the Hard Rock Cafe in Times Square to benefit Annie’s Sustainable Biodiesel Alliance.

Check out the interview with Willie & Annie Nelson and see what Woody Harrelson, Daryl Hannah and others had to say about sustainability.

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