Why Clearance Carts at the Grocery Store are Super Cool

I am a clearance shopper. I love a bargain, especially when I’m getting a really quality product at a super low price. The challenge of the hunt is a huge part of the fun and there’s nothing better than being rewarded with a new sweater or pair of shoes, or even, say, some eggplant. It used to be that I wouldn’t even think of shopping the clearance cart at the grocery store. I was afraid to buy old food, just this side of moldy.

Well, times they have a-changed. Since I’m currently self-employed (translation: broke) but refuse to trade my local Vitamin Cottage in for the more mainstream grocery store, besides spending a lot of time at Farmer’s Markets, I’ve also been scouring the shelves of my grocery store for bargains. This past week I happened to glance down at the $1.00-sell-immediately produce bags and found one filled with black, really ripe bananas-three bunches worth, and organic. Not only do I love to eat bananas that are black and mushy, they also make the best banana bread, so I bought me that $1.00 bag of produce and some whole wheat organic flour and marched myself home, found a recipe for banana bread, and baked three loaves. I froze two of the loaves for later and have been enjoying the bread for breakfast.

I also scored on a bag with two organic eggplants and some butternut squash. I made 2 pans of baked eggplant parmesan and froze all of the leftovers. I chopped up the squash and used it in the sauce, along with some various other veggies I had in the bottom drawer of my refrigerator. I’ll be eating some really yummy homemade eggplant parmesan for a couple of months, and all for a dollar, plus the price of the cheese and spaghetti sauce.

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  1. Chris

    I love doing stuff like this. I find it very satisfying (and economical) to come home with a good food deal and make a big batch of whatever, eat some and save the rest.
    I found a great deal on raspberries last week and bought more than I should have perhaps. This week I knew I needed to use up what we hadn’t eaten. I thought about a quick bread or muffins we could freeze but had only one egg. So, I made them into pancakes, which I froze for breakfasts later.
    I also found a great deal on bell peppers recently and had a bunch of onions at home so I cooked up the veggie portion of fajitas and froze about 4 dinners (4 servings each) worth.
    I love good deals on food!

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