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About five years ago commercial beekeepers across the US began reporting bee losses in record numbers – about 30% each year. This level of loss is unsustainable and many beekeepers are going out of business. Aside from the economic issues, the record number of bees dying should be alarming everyone who eats. About one in every three bites of food consumed in America, come from foods that require pollination.

No only have the bees been dying in record numbers, but about the same time bees began to die in unusual ways. Beekeepers were going to a hive and find the queen, a few workers, good amounts of brood (baby bees), and plenty of honey – just no adult bees. So where had they gone and what was causing them to leave?

You can read about the shrinking bee population and some of the main causes over at our sister site, Insteading!

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  1. Bees are dying majorly due to cellphone radiation the problem is also related to global warming, as well as a number of other reasons that are witheld from us do to the governments fear of lost revenue,media fiters are also to blame which all stems down from a couple of smart idiots.

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