Whole Wheat Einkorn Pasta Review

This is a review of Jovial’s first ever einkorn pasta.Β  I eat pasta at least twice a week. It is one of my staple foods because it can easily be transformed into a variety of dishes based on the sauce and vegetables used.Β  I was delighted when Jovial offered a sample of their new first ever einkorn pasta.

What is Einkorn Pasta?

Einkorn wheat is the oldest form of wheat grown by man. It has been around this earth for over 12,000 years!Β  The reason it has not been used often in modern times is the yield is low (that’s a no-no for commercial farming) and it is tough to bake with.Β  It can still be found wild today in parts of Turkey. Einkorn has not been modified or hybridized ever; it still contains only two chromosomes.

How does it Compare to Other Whole Wheat Pastas?

Einkorn pasta has many nutritional benefits. It is higher in fiber and protein than other whole wheat pastas. Einkorn also has a higher concentration of important vitamins and minerals (thiamin, phosphorus and magnesium.) This einkorn pasta is made with 100% organic whole grain wheat.

How does it Taste?

Einkorn pasta has a darker color than other pastas. With the darker color comes a richer flavor.Β  I ate this pasta two different ways (so far.) First I tried it with a mix of vegetables and olive oil, then tried it plain with pesto.Β  With both meals, I was able to taste the richness of the pasta, not just the toppings. I can imagine even with a thick flavorful sauce, the flavors of this pasta will still stand out.Β  Since I love the taste of whole wheat, this is a plus for me.

If you love pasta, especially whole wheat pasta, this should definitely be on your shopping list. It is worth trying and experimenting with.

Einkorn information from: Jovial

Image Credit: Creative Commons user mellowfood

3 thoughts on “Whole Wheat Einkorn Pasta Review”

    1. Yes! I would describe it to have a nutty taste. It was far more flavorful than any other pasta I have tried. It was amazing and I can’t wait to eat more.

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