Whole Foods Wants To Help You Make Change, Not Waste

Make A DifferenceWhat if there were a mobile app that helped you live greener and save money, all while helping alleviate global poverty?

Check out Whole Planet Foundation’s Make Change, Not Waste app.

Developed by Whole Planet Foundation and BlueAvocado, the app provides a list of activities to help you live more sustainably. Want to save energy? Keep your shower under 5 minutes, air dry your dishes, or turn off the water while you brush your teeth. Looking to reduce your trash footprint? Print double-sided, switch to paperless billing, or start a compost pile. As you perform these activities every day, check them in on the app. Completing 10 actions earns you a Whole Foods Market coupon. Or you can choose to donate a percentage of that coupon’s value to Whole Planet Foundation, a group that raises awareness and donations to help business owners in developing areas grow their businesses through microcredit.

As of today, the app has raised $72,807, funded 400 microloans, changed 2,400 lives, and eliminated almost 600,000 pounds of waste.

Little actions can make a big difference. Have you downloaded the app? What do you think?

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6 thoughts on “Whole Foods Wants To Help You Make Change, Not Waste”

  1. This is a great APP! Whole foods has hit a good way to help the environment, help their customers and help their own business in one joint venture with you!

    Now I will have to get a smart phone so that I can join in!

    Thank you all!!!

    1. Thanks Chris! It’s a simple, yet powerful app that makes you think twice. That’s always good. Thanks for reading…

  2. Way to go Whole Foods! They developed an app for this instead of sending paper mail–a huge reduction in our trash footprint.

  3. angela nicholson

    I just got it and have earned four coupons. I used three to “give back” and $0.70 was donated. This is great for me because I do all of things anyway but I can let my family know that Whole Foods is helping us make a difference by rewarding our small actions with monetary donations.
    Love the app. Very easy to use and has profiles of micro-loan recipients.

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