Community Garden Tour: Wheat Street Gardens


Taro is a starchy root that’s very versatile in cooking. Just Hungry has some great tips on how the Japanese prepare taro root.


I love how you can see parts of the neighborhood behind these raised beds of corn.

The south side of the garden has a little lookout tower that you can climb to get a nice view of the whole shebang. I took the photo on the first page of this post from that tower, along with two others. I think they really give you an idea of the farm’s size and context. Here they are!

view from tower 1

This is the north side of the garden. You can just make out the chicken coop in the distance!

view from tower 2

The east side of the garden houses the green house along with lots of beds and the pond pictured earlier in this slideshow. You can almost forget that you’re in the middle of the city while you’re checking out all of the lovely fruits and veggies or stalking chickens through this beautiful urban farm!

Is there a community garden in your area that you are particularly proud of? Let us know! You can drop a comment here or email me directly at becky AT importantmedia DOT org.

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