What’s Your Favorite Food from the Farmers Market?

We all have that stand at the farmers market that we hit week after week. Maybe you wait in line for the choicest salad mix or beeline to the freshest baked goods. Whatever it is, we want to know.

What’s your favorite food from the farmers market?

Since I work on a farm, I’m usually not hurting for produce or pasture raised eggs. But the one thing I buy consistently from the farmers market is local honey. I use it to make my weekly batch of granola.

To vote on your favorite farmers market fare, leave a comment here or on Facebook. I’ll tally your votes and publish the results two weeks from now.

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7 thoughts on “What’s Your Favorite Food from the Farmers Market?”

  1. I always look for the farmer who has 6 different varieties of in-season fruits, and make him explain to me the difference between them. A peach at the store is just a peach, but when I can choose between the “Flavor Grenade” and “Superman” varieties, it really makes me appreciate why I’m at the farmer’s market in the first place.

  2. I love getting flowers! There’s one farmer with tons of milk jars filled with zinnas lately, all sorted by color, for 25 cents a stem, and I always use whatever couple dollars I have left picking through the colors.

    That’s not a food though!

    Butternut squash is great, but heirloom tomatoes are probably my favorite — big Cherokee Purples and sweet little Sungolds. And I’ve been scouring out the eggs lately, as they seem to be getting scarce here in Georgia!

  3. I tend to find the unique items more interesting, since you can’t get them at the supermarket. Any kind of weird hot peppers, which grow really well in Georgia, are a favorite.

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