What’s your best vegan cookie recipe?

I’m not vegan, but I have yet to meet a vegan cookie that I haven’t liked.Β  I don’t quite know what makes vegan cookies so good, but I’m willing to keep trying them until I figure it out.

What’s your favorite vegan cookie? Share the recipe as a comment below (my research depends upon it)!

My favorite vegan cookie to date is a gourmet carrot cookie from Gel’s Kitchen. With ingredients like oats, ginger, wheatgerm, olive oil, and carrots, you can even get away with calling these cookies healthy. For the recipe, click here.

Image courtesy of gelskitchen via a Creative Commons license.

  1. Sam

    My favorite recipe is called vegan ganja goo goo balls. Here’s the recipe.

    2 cups biodynamic spelt flour

    .5 cups free range honey

    6.5 grams finest cannabis (finely minced)

    4 pasture chicken eggs

    1Lb 80% cocao bar

    3 tablespoons sorgham cane syrup

    2 cups freshly ground coconut

    13 grams sesame seeds

    *please put all these ingredients together first in a nice mixing bowl, and by logical progression form the goo goo balls in lovely rounds by palm of hand, finally coating exterior with coconut and sesame seeds. Please enjoy carefully after baking at 325 f for 40 minutes + or -.

    1. eatdrinkbetter

      Interesting recipe! Eggs and honey are not vegan, though. Could you sub maple syrup for the honey (or agave nectar), and use an equivalent amount of EnerG or maybe flax meal and water?

    2. Ravi

      One: That’s not even vegan, as stated in the other reply.
      Two: Cannabis is completely unnecessary in this recipe; you’re an idiot.
      Three: Why did you even bother posting this, as it’s not vegan, and just some weirdo hippie recipe for pot cookies?

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