What’s in Your Juice?

We’ve been talking quite a bit about juice around here lately, from the health benefits of juicing to the questionable ingredients in some juices. One thing is for certain: all juices are not created equal, and when you’re mixing up juices in your daily routine, it’s important to keep in mind that juice can be very high in sugar.

Dr. Bob Sandor of Lab Analytical Balance used a moisture analyzer to determine the water content of 100% juice (not drinks) from various fruits and vegetables, and he’s kindly shared the results in a handy infographic that shows the water, sugar, and calorie contents of different juices.

whats in your juice box - infographic

Was your favorite juice or juice combo in the list? How did it measure up?

3 thoughts on “What’s in Your Juice?”

  1. Frank Wright, Lanesboro, Minnesota

    Must be an error somewhere. Fresh squeezed apple juice typically has 10% sugar give or take. That is one of the reasons it tastes so good and can be used to make hard cider or cider vinegar or reduced by simmering into boiled cider, a syrup with more that 50% sugar content.

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