What’s in Your Happy Meal?

Author Joan Bruno has been hanging onto a McDonald’s Happy Meal for a whole year. She recently revealed that the food was so full of preservatives that it had not even begun to rot. Disgusting!

If you’re reading this site, chances are you wouldn’t be too happy with a grey hamburger patty and a disposable cup of sodapop. I thought it would be fun to hear from you guys! What would be in your real happy meal?

Maybe something like:

A hearty black bean burger on a whole grain bun? Maybe with some baked sweet potato fries or regular oven fries on the side! Instead of a sugary sodapop, how about a tall glass of water?

So, let’s hear it! What would be in your happy meal? Do you have any ideas for kid-friendly alternatives to the golden arches?

Image Credits:
Happy Meal. Creative Commons photo by tdeering
Black Bean Burger. Photo by Sharon Troy

3 thoughts on “What’s in Your Happy Meal?”

  1. Tofishy sandwich on a toasted hoagie, with tons of tangy dairy-free tartar sauce (OMG-good!!! Nori sheets give a fantastic seafoody flavor to firm or extra firm tofu!); carrot fries (these are actually baked, after being tossed with sesame oil), & kale chips (which of course are what the gods dip in their ambrosia)… mmm-mmm-mmm!

    And then, fresh berry cobbler for dessert… (what emoticon means ‘Homer Simpson drooling while thinking about doughnuts’? someone should invent that!)

    Dangit! now you’ve gone & made me hungry again… sigh!

  2. In my happy meal I would like a mushroom swiss sandwhich with lettuce onion and tomato. Add to that natural yogurt with an option for fresh fruit. I would replace the french fried food stuff with coconut rice and instead of salt on the table may I please have some savory herbs? I would buy a happy meal like that and actually walk away happy instead of feeling like I need to vomit asap. So why doesn’t anyone just go ahead & make a vegee fast food restraunt? I think it would put Mickey D’s out of business.

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