What to Eat When You’re Dying of Heat

Heatwaves tend to have a way of killing appetites and making us feel too lazy to cook. Before succumbing to a freezie & popsicles diet, try out these energy-boosting, easy, oven-free meals and nutritional necessities.


This grain-like superfood originates from the Spinach family, is gluten-free, low in calories and has all ten amino acids. Swimming with vitamins and essential nutrients, Quinoa is a versatile bowl of energy, you can eat it like rice, or mixed up in a salad.

Coconut Water

It has more electrolytes than Gatorade and is the ultimate source of energy and hydration. Basically like water if water was delicious and had super powers. It may not feature the convenience of coming from a tap, but it is available in most grocery and organic food stores, plus offers an amazing source of potassium.

Cold Soup

Sure there is gazpacho, but see what other cold soups you can stir up. My favorite is avocado. I’s always delicious and refreshing, particularly when it’s exceedingly hot outside.


Unless you feel like making some vegan bacon, the VLT is the ultimate summer sandwich. Refreshing, light and healthy. It takes literally a second to make and you can easily grow the lettuce and tomatoes in your garden (but will add to your sandwich-making time, obviously).


The barbeque may be hot, but it takes a second to make corn on the cob, potatoes or grill some delicious portobello mushrooms. The fun part of barbequing is that it makes everything taste summery, so get creative with what you decide to grill. It’s best to always use a gas barbeque or charcoal made from recycled wood, since charcoal barbeques are slower and produce carbon monoxide.


Versatile and best of all, cold! Potato, macaroni, green, caesar, greek, or create your own with your favorite vegetables. To beat laziness and sun fatigue, it’s best to make a huge salad at the beginning of the week and resort back to it throughout the week.

Ice Heart. Creative Commons photo by seeks2dream
Cold Avocado Soup. Creative Commons photo by cyclonebill

Melanie Kozlan is a writer and the senior content director of Four Green Steps.com, your one stop destination for all things Green! Melanie lives in Montreal and is consumed with health, entertainment and the environment.

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  1. kwbridge

    I love quinoa. I cook a bunch of it in the morning before it gets too hot and then use it in salads and other dishes. It's a little cooler today so I think I'm going to make stuffed peppers with quinoa and melted cheese on top.

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