What is in Orange Juice? Not What You Think

what is in orange juice

Why is This Not on Your Bottle of Orange Juice?

Well, if you haven’t already predicted it, you don’t see any indication of added flavor packs, flavors, or ingredients of any sort because these flavor packs come from orange by-products… even though those by-products are anything but oranges anymore and have been chemically altered.

Why Care?

Now, this is a good question… because Β it’s got such a good answer. Or a few. Now, first of all, what is the nutritional value of what you are drinking in the end? I would not be surprised if there was hardly any value in it at all. But, beyond the lack of value, should we be drinking this stuff at all? Here’s another great quote from Kristen of Food Renegade:

Juice removed from the fruit is just concentrated fructose without any of the naturally-occurring fiber, pectin, and other goodies that make eating a whole fruit good for you. Did you know, for example, that it takes 6-8 medium sized apples to make just 1 cup of apple juice? You probably wouldn’t be able to eat 6-8 medium apples in a single sitting. (I know I can barely eatΒ one!) But you can casually throw back a cup of apple juice, and you would probably be willing to return for seconds. That’s why fruit juice is dangerous. It’s far too easy to consume far too much sugar.

Good point. Of course, they must use the same process for all of these 100% juices that taste the same every time you buy them, no matter what time of year it is.

So, next time you want some juice, maybe try making it yourself instead… (unless you don’t really care about everything above).

I have to admit that I’m a bit of a juice fan (though, don’t actually drink it that much). I might have a hard time switching but am intent on it now. And Β it’s really not all that hard, so it shouldn’t be any trouble!

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  1. carol

    that is why fresh is better! a juicer is inexpensive and fresh oranges in season are easy to squeeze… also, fresh squeezed has pulp! so does eating an orange… you don’t HAVE to drink just juice..try it you might just prefer it to so-called-fresh-not-from concetrate.

    1. zach

      yeah, grew up in FL and had several trees for some time — loved fresh juice from oranges right off the tree. but haven’t done that in awhile (and live in Poland now) — need to get back to it

  2. Juan

    I think these king of articles pretend to shock consumers, rather than informing.
    It can be clearly noticed that the person who wrote it has any technical knowledge and writes in a gossip-manner.
    I am not saying that is not true the fact that companies buy and formulate their juices with these flavor packs, but they are not harmful for consumers or just chemicals as the author refers to them.
    Is not a reason to stop consuming your favorite orange juice brand. Though, I agree that it will always be better to squeeze oranges by yourself and consume freshly squeezed orange juice. But if you donΒ΄t have the time to do it??

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