What Does Truly Sustainable Seafood Look Like?

Maine Meal from Tackle Box, Seaver's Washington DC restaurant

I recently ran across a TED talk by Barton Seaver on seafood, sustainability, and health. He makes some really excellent points:

Of course, probably the most sustainable thing you can do for our oceans is to skip the seafood all together. Who says a meal has to center around animal protein at all? While I’m a huge advocate for veganism, I understand that not everyone is ready to take the leap. That’s where Seaver’s advice comes in.

Eating sustainably-fished seafood is great, but if we keep eating it at this rate, even choosing fish from the “green” list isn’t going to make a difference. Like so many food-related issues, moderation is key, and Seaver suggests that if you’re inclined to eat seafood, the sustainable choice is pairing a small portion with lots of healthy veggies and grains.

I love the point he makes about so-called “green foods:”

…but green foods often represent a way for us to disregard the responsibility as eaters. Just because it comes from a green source doesn’t mean we can treat it with disregard on the plate.

We have eco-friendly shrimp […] but we can never have an eco-friendly all you can eat shrimp buffet.

So, what do you guys think? Are you on board with Seaver’s idea of sustainable seafood?

Image Credit: Creative Commons photo by Alicia Griffin

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