What do Vegans Eat? An A-Z Survival Guide

Chocolate Truffles

Ultra thick chocolate shakes. Or how about unbelievably rich chocolate truffles?

Vegetables. Maybe aย vegan chili? This recipe is incredible, whether youโ€™re vegan or not.

Xigua. (If you can find it- It’s hard to think of food that starts with X…) A watermelonesque melon.

Yams. As well as all other members of theย potato family. Just be sure they are prepared using vegan-friendly oils.

Zucchini. Filled with vitamin C, it is known to prevent a wide variety of diseases.

Image credits:
Vegan Lunch. Creative Commons photo by avlxyz
Apple Logo Fruit Salad. Creative Commons photo by richardthomas78
Lentils. Creative Commons photo by photobunny_earl
Pumpkin Seeds. Creative Commons photo by wiserbailey
Chocolate Truffles. Creative Commons photo by queen_of_subtle

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