What do Vegans Eat? An A-Z Survival Guide

Chocolate Truffles

Ultra thick chocolate shakes. Or how about unbelievably rich chocolate truffles?

Vegetables. Maybe aΒ vegan chili? This recipe is incredible, whether you’re vegan or not.

Xigua. (If you can find it- It’s hard to think of food that starts with X…) A watermelonesque melon.

Yams. As well as all other members of theΒ potato family. Just be sure they are prepared using vegan-friendly oils.

Zucchini. Filled with vitamin C, it is known to prevent a wide variety of diseases.

Image credits:
Vegan Lunch. Creative Commons photo by avlxyz
Apple Logo Fruit Salad. Creative Commons photo by richardthomas78
Lentils. Creative Commons photo by photobunny_earl
Pumpkin Seeds. Creative Commons photo by wiserbailey
Chocolate Truffles. Creative Commons photo by queen_of_subtle

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