West Virginia Water is Still Contaminated

West Virginia Water is Still Contaminated

With the epic storms ripping through the southeast this week, the news cycle has kind of moved past the dirty coal spill that contaminated a large part of the West Virginia water supply. Unfortunately, toxic chemicals associated with coal production are still showing up in some resident’s water.

The Environmental News Service has the latest information on what’s up with West Virginia’s water. Want to help? Check out this post from our sister site Sustainablog on how we can help residents coping with this coal-related disaster.

Did I mention that the water contamination in West Virginia is coal-related? That is an important point, because it’s further proof that “clean coal” is a dirty lie.

{Image Credit: West Virginia Coal Mine photo via Shutterstock}

West Virginia’s Water Nightmare Closes Schools (via Environment News Service)

CHARLESTON, West Virginia, February 7, 2014 (ENS) – Crude MCHM, one of two chemicals that leaked into West Virginia’s Elk River last month, was detected in the water supply of George Washington High School this morning, according to Kanawha-Charleston…

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  1. This is just government interference at its worst. The people of West VA have the right to drink contaminated water. Big business should not be fined for polluting the water, they are creating jobs. I am so happy that once the Republicans take office, that they will either defund the EPA or get rid of it. The rest of the country should also have the right to drink contaminated water and lets get rid of government oversight interfering with big business right to pollute.

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