West Virginia Water Issues Continue

West Virginia Water

The West Virginia water supply continues to have issues from the coal-related chemical leak.

Residents are now being told that the water is safe to drink, but whether that’s true is questionable. Pregnant women are still being adviced not to drink West Virginia water. People are still being admitted to local hospitals for chemical poisoning related to the chemical leak.

The article below is from our sister site, Blue Living Ideas, and it gets into the ongoing fallout from the MCHM leak that poisoned a large portion of the West Virginia water supply.

{Image Credit: Charleston, WV photo via Shutterstock}

West Virginia Water Woes (via Blue Living Ideas)

West Virginia has had its share of water woes.Β  The latest came last week from a leaky chemical storage facility when MCHM, a little-studied chemical, contaminated the drinking water supply of Charleston, West Virginia. Initially, residents were told…

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