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Spring Greens β€œBouquet”Welcome to Eat. Drink. Better. Of all the current issues out there, not one is as basic or immediate as food. Historically, food has been not just nourishment but a gathering point in our lives, a time to be shared with family and friends, a cause for celebration and gratitude. Food traditions had deep ties to one’s culture and community. It fed one’s soul as much as the body.

Somewhere in the last few decades, we lost our way to the table and to those sustaining and sustainable roots that are Real Food. This site is dedicated to the rediscovery of all that is Real Food and of finding a place for it in our lives. It’s dedicated to helping us all make better choices for ourselves, our families and our planet. Mostly, it is dedicated to all of you who care about food choices.

The many talented voices of the writers on this site will be here to serve up wit, wisdom and some great recipes that can help us all Eat. Drink. Better. I am looking forward to your company at our table!

  1. David Anderson

    Welcome to GO Media, EDB! When I go visit my extended family on their Wyoming ranches, I’m always astounded how connected they are to their food, but that concept is so foreign to most people’s everyday lives. Where does food come from? The supermarket!

    I can’t wait for Eat.Drink.Better to be my window into where my food comes from…

  2. tiffany

    the eat. drink. better issue is great!
    you should check out the two angry moms movement.
    they are trying to get REAL food into our school lunch program.
    but they need help to make it happen…
    former texas agricultural secretary susan combs said that it will take 2 million angry moms to change the school lunch program.

    get more information @ http://www.angrymoms.org

    love this blog spot,

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