Weighing In On Marion Nestle’s 2013 Food Politics Predictions [Part 1]

food politics predictions

When Marion Nestle, renowned food policy expert and author, wrote her predictions for 2013 in food politics, I was pleased to see that we here at EatDrinkBetter.com and ImportantMedia.org have been on top of the trends all year.

Here is what Nestle wrote:

Food issues are invariably controversial and anyone could see that nothing would get done about them during an election year. With the election over, the big question is whether and when the stalled actions will be released.

Here are Nestle’s predictions (in bold), followed by what was written about the first five predictions (numbers 6-10 coming tomorrow) on our network:

10. The FDA will approve production of genetically modified salmon.

GMOs are a huge issue for us and we have been following the issue extensively for years. My assessment: If FDA grants are a harbinger then this prediction seems sure to come true. To read more check out these network posts.

9. Pressures to label genetically modified foods will increase.

For months we at EatDrinkBetter.com have been writing about GMO labeling and, in particular, about Prop 37 in California which (if it had passed) would have been the first comprehensive GMO labeling legislation. My assessment: We our following this issue closely and believe, with enough consumer pressure and pressure on large agri-commerce to stop resisting, GMO labeling is not far off. To read more check out these network posts.

8. Whatever Congress does with the farm bill will reflect no fundamental change in policy.

We still don’t have a farm bill. Myย  assessment: I agree with Nestle’s assessment that this Congress won’t “do what’s most needed in 2013: restructure agricultural policy to promote health and sustainability.” To read more check out these network posts.

7. The FDA will start the formal rule-making process for more effective food safety regulations.

Nestle is focused on the (stalled) Food Safety Modernization Act; the 11th hour reintroduction of the Act to congress in 2012 made Jeremy Bloom wonder on RedGreenAndBlue.org: “…Who wanted this bill so badly that they were able to strong-arm the normally un-herdable Senate?” My assessment: Again, I have to agree with Nestle’s assessment that this seems to be on the move.ย To read more check out these network posts.

6. The FDA will issue rules for menu labels.

Nestle points out that The Affordable Care Act of 2010 requires calorie information to be posted by fast-food and chain restaurants and vending machines but, because of lobbying, omits other venues such as movie theaters and airlines. My assessment: the bloggers in our network didn’t actually write too much about this. I see a blog post in the near future!ย  However, this post on school lunch safety does touch on the subject:

Ready for part 2? You can check out the next five 2013 food predictions right here!

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