Week In Food: Monsanto Keeps Showing Up and Ruining the Party Edition

282b.jpgWeek In Food is a rundown of the week’s happenings in our corner of the blogosphere. It’s all the news that’s fit to eat.

This week we:

– discussed ways to celebrate the Great American Meatout.

– saw France’s highest courts uphold the decision of their farmers, who said non, merci to those crazy, genetically-modified corn seed pushers, Monsanto.

– made our own potato chips. Yummmm.

– laughed at, then considered Organic Mini-Wheats.

-mourned the wild chinook salmon of California who up and left us, then acknowledged that we deserved it.

French documentaries, homemade peeps and the great dairy debate after the jump…

– debated what constitutes a “real” dessert and whether it requires dairy or excludes tofu and flax seeds.

– got a glimpse at an inspiring, though disturbing French documentary on Monsanto.

-planned to celebrate Purim with these delicious, festive hamantaschen and Easter with homemade marshmallow peeps.

-followed Los Angeles Times writer, Jerry Hirsch as he explored how our corn dependence makes us even more vulnerable to the effects of a worldwide drought.

– found locavore, organic fast food chains and burger joints nearby, thanks to the list from Mighty Foods.

Happy Spring, everyone!

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