Water Crisis: Peak Water and Food Scarcity

by Lester R. Brown

Water Crisis You’ve heard of peak oil, but we’re also facing an even scarier scenario. When we reach peak water, we’re looking at a devastating food and water crisis.

The article below is an excerpt from Lester R. Brown’s book: Full Planet, Empty Plates. This chapter looks at the coming water crisis and how it has the potential to decimate the world food supply.

In many developing and developed regions, you can already see the water crisis at work as water-related conflicts crop up and water prices skyrocket. For the whole scoop, you can read the article on peak water in full from our sister site Sustainablog below.

{Image Credit: Dry Spigot photo via Shutterstock}

Full Planet, Empty Plates, Chapter 6. Peak Water and Food Scarcity (via sustainablog)

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