Are Walmart and Monsanto in Love?

Walmart MonsantoIf GMO’s are an issue for you, you probably know that genetically modified corn is pretty ubiquitous when it comes to food additives and conventional animal feed, and you probably also already know that Monsanto has now created a genetically modified sweet corn that’s meant to hit shelves very soon. This GMO sweet corn is intended to be sold on the cob in the produce section, and of course it won’t be labeled.

Why should we even care about another genetically modified product? Opponents to genetically modified organisms (GMOs) in our food system have a few different concerns. GMOs trouble some folks because they’re concerned about cross-pollination and how that will affect our ecosystems and organic agriculture. Others point to the associated fertilizers’ effects on the environment and our health or worry about whether genetically modified itself is safe for our bodies and the planet. There’s also the issue of lableing. Why won’t companies label the GMO foods they seem so proud to have created and are so sure are safe?

Food & Water Watch has been working for a while on a campaign to keep this unlabeled frankencorn off of Walmart’s shelves, and now they’ve launched a new arm of the campaign: Walsanto Watch. Think Brangelina or Tomkat. Walmart and Monsanto are the new “it” couple to watch, if you’re concerned about unlabeled genetically engineered food on grocery store shelves.

Several companies have already given Monsanto the thumbs down on their GMO sweet corn: Whole Foods, Trader Joe’s, and General Mills have all turned Monsanto down, but the biotech giant just might find true love with Walmart. Want to get heard? Tell Walmart to keep Monsanto’s GMO corn off of its shelves!

Image via Food & Water Watch

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