Walk for Farm Animals to Support Farm Sanctuary!

2013 walk for farm animals

The Farm Sanctuary Walk for Farm Animals is coming up soon – here’s how you can get involved.

We are not fans of factory farming around here, and Farm Sanctuary is an organization that is doing great work with animals rescued from abhorrent situations in factory farms. They take in abused animals at their sanctuaries all over the U.S. and give those animals happy homes after nursing them back to health.

The problem that Farm Sanctuary has? All of that TLC is not free. Animals need food, medical help, and shelter.

Their annual Walk for Farm Animals is a fun 5K that helps raise money to help this incredibly worthy organization, and I am super excited that this year I’m walking as part of the Atlanta Veg Fest team! Each person who walks is also a fundraiser, and if you’d like to donate to Farm Sanctuary and support my 3.1 mile walk, you can do that right here. I have set a goal of $150, and I hope that I can reach it by the walk on October 19th. If you’re in Atlanta, I hope to see you there!

Walk for Farm Animals: How to Participate

If you’re not able to donate or just plain want to do more, you can also find the Walk for Farm Animals in your area! There are walks happening all over the country between September 7 and November 3, so no matter where you live there is still time to get involved!

You know what’s really cool? You can even participate without walking. Sign up through their website, and you’ll see the option to come on as a virtual walker. They’re calling it “sleeping in for farm animals.” Whether you donate, walk, or sleep in, you’re helping Farm Sanctuary give refuge to mistreated animals from factory farms.

Check out the Walk for Farm Animals website here to find the walk near your town!

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