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We’ve been talking quite a bit about meat lately – between the American Heart Association labeling certain red meats as healthy and the UK health department’s contrasting recommendations.

Our food system is serious business and seriously broken, and it’s easy to get pretty doom and gloom about that. This video takes the heavy subjects of meat production, animal cruelty, and meat’s environmental impacts and sums it up with a little bit of a wink. OK, more like a big wink.

I know, this video is a little bit flip, but I think it also sums up a lot of the issues with factory farmed meat while addressing the animal rights concerns that many vegan and vegetarian folks share. If you’re a regular reader here, chances are you either don’t eat meat at all or stick to animals that didn’t live in factory farming environments. What did you think about this video? Does it hit the highlights around meat production and factory farming? Do you think it’s too pity? Did you laugh?

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2 thoughts on “Video: Ask Your Doctor About Meat™”

  1. I liked the video. I think it’s a great one to share with meat-eating friends – satire is a wonderful way to get through to people. If I shared video footage of abuses on factory farms with friends, they would react with anger and most likely completely forget the message. I think this particular video provides a thoughtful tongue-in-cheek way of getting everyone thinking about the health, environmental, and spiritual impact of a meat-based diet.

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