Food Fact: Vermont’s GMO Right to Know Act

food factOn April 20, 2012 Vermont’s GMO Right to Know Act passed out of committee. The bill would require labels on GE foods on store shelves and passed 9-1 in favor.

According to an email from the GMO Right to Know Campaign:

Since the public hearing, the Committee has been working on the bill to make sure that it addressed the many reasons why people have a right to know what they are eating. Unfortunately, before passing the bill, the committee added a “trigger clause” that would not allow the bill to go into effect until 365 days after a similar bill is passed by California, as well as two states in the Northeast.

The bill will now move to the House Judiciary Committee, where it will be examined before it can reach the floor. It is not likely that the Judiciary Committee will have time to consider the bill, because the legislative session is slated to end in less than two weeks.

More on GMO labeling at Eat Drink Better:

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  1. American’s are increasingly “going” organic. But the process of living organic isn’t made easy by the system in place. In fact, much of the food labeled organic still contains non-organic by products. The majority of the plastics are made with GE crops, specifically corn.

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