VegHeads: Asheville’s Vegetarian Drive Thru

vegetarian drive through asheville

I’d heard folks talking about a fabled vegetarian drive thru in Asheville, so when my husband and I headed up there to visit his sister and her family, we decided to check it out.

VegHeads vegetarian drive thru occupies an old burger joint close to downtown Asheville. Not only is all of their food vegetarian, they focus on organic ingredients and source locally when they can. All of their soy products are organic, which is a big one for me, since non-organic soy is usually genetically modified.

I was pretty hungry when we rolled into town, so the vegetarian drive thru was our first stop! The problem I had, which I always have at veg*n places, was deciding what to order! I’m so used to scanning the menu for what I can order, it’s a little overwhelming to have so many choices! Tough life.

We picked up some goodies to munch in the hotel. Here’s what we ordered:

  • Vegan Philly cheese steak sandwich
  • Thai Cabbage Slaw
  • Veggie Pile (not pictured)

vegan cheese steak

The cheese steak was phenomenal! Loaded with seitan, peppers, onions, and vegan cheese (it tasted like Follow Your Heart to me), it totally hit the spot. The slaw I ordered on the side was a delicious alternative to your usual drive thru fare. An oil and vinegar slaw, it was full of healthy cabbage, carrots, and sesame seeds. YUM!

My husband wasn’t crazy about his Veggie Pile, and I think part of the problem was that he was expecting a veggie burger, but instead it was more like a veggie sandwich. It also had cheese on it, which looked like it was vegan, but we weren’t sure. He’s not vegan, so it wasn’t a big deal, he just isn’t mad about cheese. It’s definitely something worth asking about if you’re headed there.

You can check out the full menu on the VegHeads Facebook page (it’s under “Description”)

Our sandwiches came in paper clamshells, which I was pleased with, since typical fast food wrapping can contain toxic chemicals. My slaw came in a plastic container, which I was less thrilled about. I thought was pretty cool that they don’t use plastic cutlery, though! My fork looked like it was made from some kind of heavy cardboard instead.

Have any of you  guys made it to VegHeads for some vegetarian drive thru action? I’d love to hear your experiences in the comments!


  1. Small Footprints

    The line was HUGE when we tried to visit … so we’re hoping to try it out another time. I love that there’s a veggie “drive-in” though. Asheville is so vegetarian/vegan friendly. Oh, by the way, if you’re in town again and want a totally fabulous falafel sandwich, there’s a truck run by Gypsy Queen Cuisine that parks in a couple of areas (check her facebook page for location: http://www.facebook.com/pages/GQC-Lebanese-Street-Food/144691038924211). She makes the BEST FALAFEL in the world … as well as other items (both veg & non-veg). The prices are very reasonable and the Falafel sandwiches are large enough to share. :-)

  2. Nicole diamantis

    Hi! Thank you for coming and trying out our Restaurant- I appreciate the feedback and just wanted to let you know our plastic salad containers are biodegradable. They actually deteriorate at 180 degrees/within 60 days. Also, sorry about the Vegstack- it does have goat cheese on it. I hope your husband tries the mountain Burger if you visit Asheville again- Its probably closer to what he was hoping for:) All the best to you and yours!

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