Vegetarian Cookbook Review: Food by Mary McCartney (plus recipes!)

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Today, Eat Drink Better is the stop on food photographer and vegetarian cook Mary McCartney’s virtual book tour to promote her new book Food.

Food: Vegetarian Home Cooking is a gorgeous compilation of photos and simple, vegetarian recipes. Whether you’ve been meat free for a long time or are just dipping a toe into plant-based fare, this book provides recipes and inspiration to get anyone excited about stepping into the kitchen.

The book is very photo heavy. When I flipped through the copy the publishers sent me for the first time, I literally gasped checking out the gorgeous food photography. On top of photographs of the dishes themselves, there are photographic interludes between chapters that will have you craving everything from apples and berries to tomatoes and garlic.

Her recipes don’t require a lot of special ingredients or equipment, and they’re all fairly easy to put together. Some of my favorites included:

The book is vegetarian – not vegan – and some recipes rely pretty heavily on eggs and dairy, but there are a decent number of vegan recipes that I was able to try. In some recipes, like the spaghetti listed above, the animal ingredients are optional, and some are pretty simple to veganize, if you’re familiar with vegan cooking and basic vegan substitutions for animal ingredients.

Ready to check out some delicious recipes from Food? I’ve selected a few to share!

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4 thoughts on “Vegetarian Cookbook Review: Food by Mary McCartney (plus recipes!)”

  1. This book is truly awesome. It is literally packed a lot of delicious recipes that I have not come across. I am sure I can try a lot of new things with it. :)


    1. Enjoy it, Julie! Ever since I got it, I have been pulling it out just to stare at the beautiful food photography. Sometimes even when I don’t have any plans to cook!

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