Vegetable Garden Planner at Mother Earth News


Are you planning to grow some of your own food this year? If what’s standing between you and a vegetable garden is doubt, Mother Earth News just might have the solution. They just launched a Vegetable Garden Planner, and it looks amazing!

The planner is free for the first 30 days and costs $25 per year after that. You enter your location and plan your garden, and the planner helps you plan a garden with vegetables that grow well in your area. It also sends you twice-monthly reminders about what to plant! They’ve got a quick video that shows you how to get started:

Are any of you guys planning to grow your own food? My fall/winter garden is still growing strong, but now’s the time to start planning what to plant for spring!

Image Credit: Sprouts photo via Shutterstock

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  1. Thanks for this tip. We’ll get a link to your article up on our blog soon to help out our members. Every little bit helps as my wife and I have found even after having our own veggie garden for almost 8 years :-)

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