Vegansprout: New Review Site Makes Vegan Shopping (and Cooking) Easier!

Vegan Sprout

A newly launched website called Vegansprout simplifies the path to delicious vegan living, through information-sharing among community members.

Read, review, share!

“As the world’s largest database of vegan cookbooks, recipes, and products, Vegansprout is designed to make being vegan easier. Write reviews to help others make informed decisions, and use other reviews to know what to expect before you buy or choose what to make for dinner.” — VS creators

Put together by a couple of experienced vegan cooks, Vegansprout has been in beta testing for the last few months and recently went live. Whether you’re newly vegan, veg-curious, or a long-time vegan cookbook connoisseur, you’ll find tons of excellent helpful information there — with more resources daily, as more people participate in the review process!

Which cookbooks are best to have on hand, and which are too fancy for busy weeknight cooking? What store-bought vegan sour cream isn’t a total waste of money? This recipe from (whatever vegan cookbook) looks complex; is the result worth the trouble? Is Vegan On the Cheap a good buy, for a new or aspiring vegan?

Vegansprout answers these questions and more — specifically, Vegansprout community members offer reviews about anything and everything vegan!

Allison and Patrick Nordhal built Vegansprout to fill a void in the online resources available to vegan or vegan-curious cooks. Sure, you can find reviews scattered around the web at Goodreads, Shelfari, Vegweb, and about a billion personal blogs or vegan/ vegetarian forums. But there wasn’t one Big Boss Site where you could look up anything vegan, and see what other vegan folks think about it.

Ta-Da: Now There Is!

With about 4,000 reviews available already — and more every day — Vegansprout already offers a vast searchable resource for finding quality vegan stuff. The search feature makes it really easy to find what you’re looking for; whether you’re wondering what to make with a specific ingredient, or maybe just trying to figure out which recipe to make first from a new cookbook, you can easily navigate right to the information you need. Vegansprout reviews also offer a great way to find out about smaller vegan companies that you might not have heard of, who just happen to make the best vegan lip balm (or shoes or shampoo or cosmetics or anything else).

If you’re not searching for a specific product, book, or recipe, you can always just browse — I like just clicking through the most recently rated things, and browsing the highest rated reviews, in order to find new things to want!

Anyone can browse or search the site’s current reviews, but you’ll need to create a free Vegansprout account in order to contribute new reviews to the site. VS creators have made it super-easy to do that: you just sign in with your Google or Yahoo or similar account, and the rest is (vegan) gravy!


I’m excited about the new site, because I have a bazillion cookbooks and just a bit of time on the planet: by sorting the wheat from the chaff, based on the research of others, I can streamline my trip to the very best of each book on my shelf. I review cookbooks often, here at EDB, but generally not individual recipes — and I’m looking forward to using Vegansprout to share my thoughts about specific dishes from my cookbooks.

Perhaps most importantly, by compiling this resource, the vegan community can work together to make vegan cooking, eating, and shopping ever-more friendly to those who are just exploring the idea of taking a walk on the wild (vegan) side.

Vegansprout provides an easy and accessible way to crowdsource information, about the very best vegan everything! Whether you’re a new or experienced vegan cook, it offers a way to compile our knowledge in order to make vegan living even better.

Who’d have thought that was possible? (Thanks, Vegansprout!)

Image credit: Creative Commons photo by xmaskx.

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  1. I love this site. In addition to the reviews, it makes it super easy to shop. For example, I can look at their list of Trader Joe’s vegan items and discover things I didn’t know were “safe” to eat. It rocks!

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