Vegan Thanksgiving: Side Dishes

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Halloween has passed, so it’s time to take the scary skeletons off the front door, polish off those vegan pumpkin pies, and get ready for some vegan Thanksgiving goodness.

Just like any other holiday, Thanksgiving has many dishes that can be turned into vegan delicacies by using a little cruelty-free magic. For instance, an old favorite like mashed potatoes can be transformed by simply using olive oil and you favorite non-dairy milk in place of butter and cream.

Many boxed stuffings contain animal ingredients like chicken broth or dried meat, but with some careful label-reading at the store, you can score a vegan stuffing for the family. Other vegan recipes for Thanksgiving take a bit more planning, but you can easily find great recipes for things like vegan pies and casseroles. You can have amazing food and wonderful atmosphere without harming a single turkey.

Let’s take a look at some great vegan recipes for what I feel are the most important aspects of every Thanksgiving meal.

Vegan Thanksgiving Side Dishes

The side dishes make a dinner don’t they? Without them, that big entrée seems, well, not so big. Here are my favorite vegan side-dish recipes:

Spiced Mashed Sweet Potatoes

Sweet potato is a staple of Thanksgiving, sometimes mashed and other times used to create a casserole. This holiday recipe is perfect because of how it can fit any holiday or occasion.

A great way to serve it is with added chopped pineapple, maple syrup, topped with vegan marshmallows, and then heated in the oven until the marshmallows are brown. The spices can be adjusted to fit your desire, and the non-dairy butter you use will go completely unnoticed by everyone.

My personal choice for vegan marshmallows are Dandies. They melt and brown just like a traditional marshmallow.

Garlic Mashed Potatoes

This is perhaps the easiest of all Thanksgiving side dishes to convert to vegan. Vegan mashed potatoesare easy to make, as long as you have some non-dairy butter or olive oil and non-dairy milk handy.

French bread Rolls

These vegan favorites are delicious, easy to prepare, and a wonderful complement to a big dinner. Try stuffing the leftover rolls with seitan turkey the next day for a special treat.

Green Bean Casserole

Can you really have Thanksgiving without a traditional green bean casserole? You could choose a basic healthy version by using a non-dairy version of creamy soup in place of traditional cream of mushroom. This vegan delicacy goes a step further by creating its own delicious sauce.

What are you favorite vegan Thanksgiving side dishes? Share away in the comments!

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