Vegan Pie in the Sky Review and Recipe

Vegan Pie in the Sky is the latest vegan cookbook from Isa Chandra Moskowitz and Terri Hope Romero. It’s a whole cookbook full of pies just in time for pie season!

Moskowitz and Romero are the authors of several cookbooks, several together and some on their own, such as Veganomicon, Viva Vegan!, and Appetite for Reduction. They write Vegan Pie in the Sky with their usual wit and charm and easy-to-understand instructions. It’s not limited to pies, though. They include recipes for cheesecakes, tarts, cobblers, and many more pie-like desserts.

The cookbook starts out with a discussion of some of the most common ingredients in the pies and why they chose them. For instance, in a discussion of sugar, they recommend using white sugar inside the pie and the larger crystalled turbinado sugar as a decoration or topping.

Pie Crusts

Probably the most intimidating part of making a pie for most people is the pie crust. Well, they have eleven different pie crusts for any flavor of pie filling. Several are flaky, a few are press-in.

The instructions are clear and accompanied by pictures. Most are only three or four steps.

Pie crusts can be purchased ready-made and Moskowitz and Romero discuss a few vegan options, but with the simple, clear instructions they give, there’s no need.

Pie Fillings

Vegan Pie in the Sky then moves on to four chapters of pies with seventy-five recipes in all.

Fruit pies covers spring and summer fruit.  These pies use lots of berries, cherries, and peaches.  They’ve sent along the recipes for Pucker Up Raspberry Pie and She’s My Cherry Pie, included at the end of this review.

Creamy pies has cheesecakes, mousse pies, pudding pies, strawberry crème kiwi tart (yum!), and other creamy concoctions.

Harvest pies is another chapter on fruit pies, but focused on the fall. This is the chapter for Thanksgiving pies. The usual apple pie and maple pecan pie are included, along with more unusual, but equally tempting pumpkin cheesecake and figgy apple hand pie.

Chocolate pies. Need I say more? I will, just to get you drooling. This chapter includes such winners as Boston crème cake pie, Kahlua crème cheesecake, s’mores pie, chocolate peanut butter microtarts, and more.

The Rest of Vegan Pie in the Sky

A chapter on toppings finishes up the recipe section. Included are four, easy-to-make toppings. The cookbook also discusses vegan toppings commercially available.

The index has ingredients, types of pies, techniques, and other pie-related words. Found a can of coconut milk in the back of the pantry? Check the index and you find you have a choice between making a coconut caramel pie, coconut cream pie, coconut lime cream pie, or a curried macaroon pie.

Pies are always welcome at get-togethers. Master a few vegan pies and absolutely everyone will be asking you to their parties.

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