Vegan Milk Review: Flaxmilk


I am kind of obsessed with trying vegan milks. They’re all so different from each other, and I love seeing how different nuts, seeds, and grains taste as milk. So! When I spotted boxes of flaxmilk at Whole Foods, you know I had to try it!

Flax seeds are super nutritious. They’re packed with fiber, vitamins, and minerals, and they’re a great vegan source of omega 3 fatty acids. You have to grind flax seeds to get any nutrition from them, since your body can’t digest them whole. You grind up nuts and seeds when you’re making milk from them, so flax milk is pretty darn nutritious, too!

Flaxmilk Taste Test

They had flaxmilk in both the cold dairy case and in those aseptic boxes. The non-refrigerated boxes were smaller (and cheaper!), so I went with that. I was ready to try this stuff, but I wasn’t ready to commit, you know what I mean? I tried the flax milk plain, on top of granola, and in coffee. Here’s how it stacked up!

  • Plan flaxmilk was…let’s just say I did not love it. It reminded me of rice milk, but thinner and sweeter.
  • Flaxmilk in cereal was a little bit better, but almond is still my milk of choice as a cereal topper. Granola is pretty sweet already, so the extra sugar in the flaxmilk didn’t help matters. It might be nice on something a little less sugary, like bran flakes. If you try it, let me know what you think!
  • Flaxmilk in coffee. If you want to add flaxmilk to your routine, I’d recommend putting it in coffee. It lightened my cup nicely, and it didn’t separate at all. I don’t put sugar in my coffee, so the extra sweetness made it almost like a special treat.

The verdict: I don’t see myself picking up flaxmilk again, unless I notice an unsweetened or low sugar option. Flax meal in my green smoothies is still my preferred method for getting more nutritious flax into my diet! Have any of you guys tried flaxmilk? What did you think?

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